The Third Eye Foundation – Ghost

There is a dreadful sorrow that hangs over this album, masterful as it is. The best indie-fuzz /drum-n’-bass/ shoegazer/ Bristol/ breaks stuff you’ll ever hear.

I bought this record in Amsterdam; in Staalplaat actually, which itself is a nice, if tiny, record store by some canal. I walked around all day after buying it, mostly on the recommendation of someone who knew I didn’t particularly dig on drum n’ bass, especially not that British shit that just plain sounded like poo.

They were right on with a vengeance.

But I have a bad batting average with The Third Eye Foundation. I loan Ghost to people and they return it, mostly complaining about the recording quality. It is noisy and fuzzy. It’s not ultra-clean breaks from the robot future. It’s more like breaks for nerds who can’t dance, with lots of guitar noise sampling ambient feedback joints to keep them from getting too sweaty.

So if I loan this album to you, please keep this in mind. I walked around a lot, never really getting the hang of the trams until it was nearly time to get home, and I listened to this.


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2 responses to “The Third Eye Foundation – Ghost

  1. bert

    yeah love that album too. Also like matt elliott’s new stuff aswell, particularly “drinking songs”.

    Latest find: “cloud of unknowing” by james blackshaw, if you’re into ben chasny etc…

  2. $$$

    pure schizophrenia! best mixture of drum & bass, noiz and illbient music.

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