grab ten discs at random from the shelf; play a single track from each; listen to the whole thing even if it sucks; and then present a picture

EXPLANATORY NOTE: I’d had some serious tooth work done about two weeks ago, so this is a combination of painkillers, pain and aimless whimsy that became a “great idea.” Under the light of morning it doesn’t seem so hot, but the pictures make me laugh. Especially since I don’t quite remember editing them.

6:45 pm //

1st disc – dna le draw d – track 1 – decay

swirly keyboard soundtrack to getting drugged or molested by that malicious screaming breast implant from the prisoner tv series. moments of hawtin-esque great buildups. moments of fricken tedious. this is a pink dots side project, which is far simpler to write than what i did above.


haphazard pushing at a single idea.

monomania may not be the worst habit one can have and this finishes pretty strong with a late night livingroom freakout. makes up for a lot.

wait, i was fooled – there’s more oh jugband techno err. there’s some lpd stuff i really like and some i really don’t. almost all the side projects are various flavors of terrible. i don’t know why it never clicked with me, but damn, damn if it didn’t. if i were a crass man, i’d say it’s like an awful handjob that never ends; punctuated by bits of arguing.

why make the last minute and a half really good? that’s like a thwack on the sack after a middling whack. oh ho ho ho.

this makes me feel like:

2nd disc – do you know squarepusher?track 5 – conc 2 symmetriac

at a minute and twenty three seconds OF COURSE all i heard was some squeaking shit while i tried to copy down the robot from the future title from the back of the nice looking cd case. shit. i need a secretary. i saw the movie secretary in a theatre with a bunch of dudes who wear beards on the pro circuit.

this makes me feel like:

3rd disc – fumbling towards ecstasy – track 9 – hold on

this was one of the worst concerts i’ve ever been to. certain artists have age limits.

“we love you sarah!”

this is a really nice sounding recording, though. it’s like a clean hardwood floor. something very expensive. matching paneling and whatnot.

this makes me feel like:

4th disc – kid 606 and friends volume 1 – track 16 – damn i’m hard/yes i’m flat

i really enjoyed at least the latter half of the 1990s. and i spent a lot of time putting all of the sounds i had into one song over and over and over again.

also early laptop music is often shrill. it’s so much better now. thanks technology! and thank these guys, even if their song was annoying and makes my teeth hurt.

this makes me feel like:

5th disc – observe with sadiq bey – track 12 – djerba

one of my favorites. it’s such a fucking shame it took him 40 or so tries to get something of this quality. i say this as someone with a lot of muslimgauze. but he’s a guy with distinct things and for every this and the rootsman v. muslimgauze and deceiver and abu nidal there is a lot of not very good stuff at all. so intensely singular that a lot of the joy has been squeezed out. it absolutely feels like they’re milking demos and half-done pieces and anything homeboy even remotely farted near.

but this is the best thing he ever did, i think. it’s fully textured, the bass is ridiculously dubby. best of all, the broken speaker ethos doesn’t feel like a weapon against your ability to hear incoming predators. this and the peacock disc are both really great things.

this makes me feel like:

6th disc – coil vs elph – track 4 – philm #1

today’s theme is tragic death apparently.

what a fucking waste.

it’s sick and wet, ear infections as a kid; listening to your heart beat between bouts of being stabbed in the ear. this is sick and wet and sloppy. a taste of track three from time machines – that sort of awful physical churning. laying on the couch and wanting it to stop and wanting it to never end.

what a fucking waste.

this makes me feel like:

7th disc – other worlds of dub- track 3 – hose

i’ve been lucky to pick such long songs by random as i can get it ™. but i pulled this, and i feel like i’m cheating. until he started liberally applying the rappers and singers and toasters i’d say ryan moore née twilight circus dub sound system were pretty much perfect. this is near the floaty end of his instrumental work but his bass sounds so beautiful. that is a talent i would like to have. that is a talent i would consider committing crimes to win. sadly there is no crime you can commit to make you a better bass recordist. this is the truth of it. there is no substitution for sweat and blood and tears. work is all.

but more to the point i don’t know why i hate vocals so much. there may be a joke about recovered memories to make here i.e. the vocals touched me, mom! and you knew and you did nothing! but that shit isn’t funny and it ruined a lot of lives in addition to shit getting fucked up from the less developed molesty types among us.

this makes me feel like:

8th disc – twerk – track 6 – american psycho

i hit the treadmill instead of writing about this song.

in small doses the really annoying micro house is hits awesome brainless zombie levels of compelling friction.

definitely penis music.

lately i have a running joke with my wife wherein i attach “is that the male gaze?” into conversations about just about anything you could have a conversation about. i don’t really get the idea outside of very specific contexts but overall i recognize her (and most other women’s) underlying resentment at boob staring; much less the whole “hey mamÍ, why don’t you come over here! you’re beautiful!” she gets from older spanish dudes.

once watched a dude yell “hey purple pants” at this girl down near baruch. what does that bring you? maybe i should live with the guidos for a year – adopting their customs, clothing and traditions – and find out.

makes me feel like:

9th disc – franks wild years – track 10 – more than rain

i really don’t care for tom waits.

sounds like a minstrel show. very talented. makes me uncomfortable.

i do like the evil french clown circus music backdrop of this particular piece. i could even see it getting me laid.

maybe the universe can pull a jim thirwell and put him in his proper context: cartoons.

this makes me feel like:

10th disc – funkstorung live @ bin 1999 or so it says on the cdr – track 1 – unknown

i am easily impressed by their live stuff from this period and yet i don’t care for their albums. they too had a problem with undertalented rappers. but the live thing, this sort of playing with single instruments made up in reaktor and pd and max, stretching that sound apart. it was just when the period where every software synth sampler filter sounded the same, had that train whistle up your ass sound that makes your gums hurt just a bit. i’ll leave this on.

i don’t like admitting it, but i do sometimes miss that time.

this makes me feel like:

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