My Bloody Valentine Live @ Roseland – September 22nd, 2008

Yusef: dude your wife totally facebook friended me
sorry to be the one to tell you

me: ha
that was hilarious

Yusef: haha oh life 2.0

me: indeed

Yusef: so yea, i saw that you guys moved back, but did you hear the outro?

me: how long did the noise go on for? we cut out after ten
minutes or so

Yusef: oh ok

me: you could hear it down the block
which was pretty neat

Yusef: umm…the whole thing ended around 11:26

me: ok so we only missed about five minutes of it then

Yusef: yea
it was pretty damn great

me: that was impressive
the beginning of the set was kind of weak though
i thought it sounded a little too muddy

Yusef: yea. it was strange in general. i mean i really enjoyed the show, but it wasn’t like most stuff ive seen.
maybe i was tired, but it seemed more like an experience than “i hope they play this”

me: it was more or less what i expected
well they played when you sleep
and zoomer and whatnot
the “hits”
loomer i mean

Yusef: i mean, i was happy to hear songs i really like, but the whole thing seems to be more about hitting every sense you have all at once
i almost wished i could lay down

me: only shallow etc
the lights were both impressive and really annoying

Yusef: to be honest, i wished they would have played track 8 (or 9.,,?). the one from Lost in Translation and like…the only discenrable words are “close my eyes”
but in general im happy i went. and yea, the lights
the whole thing seemed to be an attack on the senses in a lot of ways

me: sometimes?
i think that’s the song you mean

Yusef: i think
le volume control i’m interested in hearing more of
wounded knees were all right when the dude from dinosaur jr. joined in

me: ha yeah

he’s like what 400 years old he looks terrible
he’s only 43!

Yusef: oh jesus
yea drugs don’t do some people too well

me: i actually found the volume quite reasonable

Yusef: yea, actually my ears are really pretty fine today. those plugs helped a lot. i dunno if i’d be ok if i hadn’t brought them though

me: yeah
i mean
that was overly loud
i did like hte version of i only said they did last night
the purple lights and shit

Yusef: yea, that was real good
honestly i liked it all. i thought that the video failing at times was sort of wonky though
dunno if that was their visuals guy or the venue

me: the venue
that’s the projector not finding a signal
oh why do i know these things
the vga cable probably fell loose
or the card inside died and they had to swap one out
they had six signals going after all

Yusef: hah. well, it sucks for them, because really it seems like it was an integral part of the show
i feel like for that kind of show you shouldnt be able to see the strings, so to speak

me: true
well i couldn’t see shit for a lot of it
due to the lights
though i must say it showed the folly of being all OH GOD WHAT ARE THEY DOING PUSH PUSH
they reward you with bright lights and some dude who looks like the guy on the cover of the tommy dvd
but still
hopefully i will never pay 60 bucks for a concert ticket again
52 or whatever
also short girls should be banned from being dumb at shows

Yusef: haha

me: we all agree angry drunk shirtless dudes are personas non grata
so why not pushy short girls?

Yusef: im short and adorable!

me: woo look down my shirt woo
then oh wait it’s hot in here
oh wait it smells bad
oh wait i’m at an indie rock show and there’s all these dudes and nerds here
how did this happen?
pitchfork didn’t warn me!

Yusef: haha

then repeat in the other direction
like, seriously

Yusef: the lesser of two evils. either this or waking up with a sore crotch on a frat house lawn

me: dude there are no frat house lawns here
just co-ops

Yusef: true
ok co-op roof

me: an old irish dude with terminal shyness ran a train on my ears last night. our sexism is appalling

Yusef: hahaha

me: but on the other hand if either of us were talking about how the shirtless drunk angry guys are just walking penises
that’d be fine
that’d be just fine
(because it’s true)

Yusef: i think itll be a few more decades before it’s ok again to make fun of women without it being sexist
yesterday, after the Babar conversation, i was thinking about what ideas i currently hold that i will have to be sorry for when im older
i couldnt think of much. but i guess i wouldnt be able to anyhow

me: don’t worry
you’ll find dozens
ps i might just post some of this conversation
rather than reviewing the show proper
because i mean
what is there to say?

Yusef: yea, that’s fine. there isnt much more to say than “it was My Bloody Valentine live”

me: yes
they did exactly what you’d think they would do
and they did it with autistic aplomb
didn’t even see the merch table though
oh well
what does an mbv shirt say anyway?
“i have reasonable taste and/or don’t leave the house much”

Yusef: mbv, except not abbreviated

me: well yes

Yusef: oh you mean symbolically

me: no i mean socio-economically
but i take what i can get

Yusef: yea i dunno. i’m always simultaneously turned on and slightly wary of girls with similar musical tastes to me

me: how so?

Yusef: so a girl with an mbv shirt would be a big mix of hmmm for me

me: well
i mean dude
do you know anyone who’s like “oh loveless is just ok”
or even “loveless sucks!”
i mean shit
my mom would probably be like “yeah, i don’t like the end so much but come in alone is a nice track”

Yusef: haha

me: shit she’s probably listening to it right now

Yusef: point taken. but i think you either enjoy loveless or you don’t

me: well yes

Yusef: you kind of have to be into noise

me: though i’ve yet to meet a white person between the ages of 20 and 45 of middle upper income who doesn’t
well the album isn’t noisy
it’s a pop album that’s just covered in sludge
like if buckethead was a whole band and afraid of his own voice

Yusef: well i dont mean noise in that sense. just…it’s sludgy, yes

me: instead of a savant with a crippling emotional problem
but the melodies are very clear
it’s the remarkable thing about the album

Yusef: it’s hard to really put into words, but i dont think it’s very listenable for people who don’t at least enjoy a little noise
i mean the first track is a tyrannosaurus trying to eat kevin shields

me: ha
see i always thought of it as a sped up video
actually it makes me think of this girl in hs
a year ahead of us
who loved these guys
and i used to think shit all i really want is a girl who reads books and listens to indie rock bands i’d never heard of
all hoodied up
going to the mall and hiding in the back of b. dalton
these were jersey days my friend
jersey days

Yusef: haha
write a book about it

me: oh great now we’re onto homophobia



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2 responses to “My Bloody Valentine Live @ Roseland – September 22nd, 2008

  1. mk

    That’s pretty much the live MBV experience as I remember it from back in the day. Except when I saw them a short girl spent most of the show bobbing up and down and rubbing her breasts on my girlfriend which she found pretty amusing at first, but then she got annoyed and had to ask her to stop. Hysterical.

    I don’t know if that is the same kind of “being dumb” that you are referring to, but I think it counts.

  2. why did she stop?

    and yes that would count. though it’s much better than shoving through a tight crowd and then shoving back because nerd stank at an mbv show took you by surprise.

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