Ulver – Shadows of the Sun

ulver_shadowsofthesun_cover_largeA friend recommended Ulver with the sort of intensity one finds in the transmission of those things that touch our innermost light in the most intense ways.

It is important to be respectful of these moments and feelings.

La la la la, la la dee dee daaaa…



There’s a cover of “Solitude” by Black Sabbath that’s interesting in a cabaret sort of way. The album is well-recorded, and sounds rather rich and pleasant.

The truth? This is Enya and 4AD, with a hint of Leonard Cohen. If that sounds like a good time, it probably will be. I find it ponderous and boring.

Life is a lonely road.


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2 responses to “Ulver – Shadows of the Sun

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  2. ancient_warrior

    It doesn’t sound like a good time. I think that I’ll just stick with their Nattens Madrigal album instead.

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