Ear Bailout

flying_lotus-los_angeles_bcover_qua_paintingdifferenceandrepetitionvr25111ffzh5nl_sl500_aa240_fenneszblackseacd51wg79n28al_sl500_aa240_ziq199_vsnares_downfalljesus-and-mary-chain-darklandshercules-love-affair21055lp_216124Kim’s is moving from it’s St. Mark’s location down the street early next year. Early December saw a thirty percent off everything thing.

Los Angeles is flippin’ great. Universal appeal. Flying Lotus is also the dude who does/did a lot of the bumper music for Cartoon Network. The last album I can think of with that kind of spread was Endtroducing.

Oxbow continues to confuse me.

Christian Fennesz‘s Black Sea is a warm blanket.

“Blind” is the track Antony was born to sing; it’s also the only song worth our time from this batch.

Windsor for the Derby lost the name game but this early LP is a nice jaunt through a (high quality) indie basement recording ethos as we fondly remember it from the late 90s.

The split between Om and Current 93 sounds exactly like a split between Om and Current 93.

I think I finally appreciate what Earth has been doing since just about forever.

Discordance Axis dump compilation Original Sound Version 1992–1995 is 69 (low quality) tracks of some crazy stuff.

“And we tried so hard / And we looked so good” – you’ve all heard Darklands.

Qua is absolutely worth your time and listening-abilities no matter what you dig.


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4 responses to “Ear Bailout

  1. Katie

    But what about Hercules and Love Affair?

  2. as i somewhat acidly put it above, the rest of the album is kind of a wash. it’s an interesting attempt at italo-disco being meshed with classical mythology references, but i found it kind of boring. i prefer my technoid musings to be german (or russian if you’re scsi-9) and minimal, like i like my coffee mugs and french presses.

    blind on the other hand is just about perfect.

    but i will take a crack at doing a proper review tonight. promise!

  3. Katie

    Oh I see it now! Italo disco has been an interest of mine for awhile so I meant to listen to this at some point, but if it’s not worth it it’s just as well.

  4. well, if you’re interested in disco revivalism it might be worth a shot. i just don’t like it because i don’t like disco. i’m more of a speedy j, blood and velocity kinda guy.

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