Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

flying_lotus-los_angeles_bI’ve been told by those I know well and love truly that California would be a terrible place for me. When pressed for explanation there’s an uncomfortable shuffle, followed by a “well, just…because…”

Anyway, this is the California of my heart. Apologies to Mike Patton. Rubbery cartoon basslines jaunting about in 90s hip hop fun times, listening to same era IDM on the side. Los Angeles has a consistently uplifting soul to it that carries through a few of the harsher moments. Obviously, this is “harsh” in the same way a taco from Taco Bell is “spicy” but no doubt there’s a guy out there saying ” t-bell is so spicy love it” in his Twitter account right now.

It’s important to make room for a diverse range of experiences when describing consumables. As I said below, it’s the most universal appeal-y album since Endtroducing. Hopefully Mr. Flying Lotus won’t follow in Mr. Shadow’s footprints and do a faceplant into a bucket of tire treads.

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