SCSI-9 – Easy As Down

scsi-9-easy-as-downThe slickest night at the cleanest Thai fusion restaurant with the most abstract menus (all the dishes are represented by gradiated circles comprised of gradiated circles) and the most beautiful clientele. The lights are just right (also circles), both too bright and too dark. Hypermediated semi-ethnic food eaten by impossibly tall, semi-ethnic models. Expensive cigarettes and cocaine, minus all the hairy old rich dudes who supply these things in the quest to divest clothing from those very same models.

No lines, no scratches, no imperfections. Nobody dies and nobody grows old.

Smooth as silk and compulsively cinematic, like driving in the rain on a very long Saturday night. SCSI-9 are a Russian duo who have been refining the microhouse thing down into a small wash of dreamy riffs and gentle clicks with a some degree of pop sensiblity. Though it could be argued that “pop sensibilty” in this context just refers to having recognizable hooks and a gentle sense of place. Easy as Down moves along the same continuum as Digital Russian and The Line of Nine – I’ve only listened to the CD collections rather than the many 12″ releases – but is just a teeny bit smoother, while still largely avoiding the unpleasant “soulful singer” thing that seems to be the final step on the “pop sensibility” ladder. (Ignoring for a moment the third track, which isn’t terrible but is indeed into the whole female singer talking about feelings or something like that in a way that will not interrupt your dining on curry puffs and spring rolls.)

Kompakt is a label that took up the general concept of ambient house a decade after the fact and floated away with it. I like the Ulf Lohmann and related Orb ambienty projects and The Modernist, and I like these guys too. And anything out on Kompakt will be a hell of a lot easier to find, if not necessarily more reasonably priced. (Dear…)

Such are the mysterious ways of the god of ForEx and Demand Kurve, I suppose.

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