Hercules and Love Affair

This is the song Antony was born to sing. It’s a bit too long, but it’s perfectly catchy and lacks the weightlessness that plagues nearly every other track on this self-titled record. This quality drought is strange, but it can be explained away by saying “this is a DFA production” – not an entirely accurate description of the creation process, perhaps, but an accurate appraisal of the results. Lots of people like the DFA thing; their crusade to reclaim vapid dance-pop from the guidos at WKTU.

It’s not a hideous album by any stretch, and tossing this on won’t hurt any holiday parties you throw, but I dare you to get through the Saturday Night Fever salute(?) of “Hercules Theme” without wincing. Or most of the other songs that follow. If that doesn’t do it for you, then “You Belong” definitely will.

Unless you’re totally toasted, in which case it might be the best thing you’ve ever heard. Dunno. I’ve never tried cocaine. I’ve watched it turn other people into gibbering assholes, but I can get the same results out of a pot of coffee; I wouldn’t trust either state to picking good music to listen to. I guess that’s why the fashion industry is the way it is. Hercules and Love Affair is sort of like a musical cartoon one would imagine soundtracking a late night party with a lot of expensive drugs and shoes and whatnot. If that sounds good to you, then go hit that shit.


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2 responses to “Hercules and Love Affair

  1. Thanks for elaborating. The more I listen to it the more I feel like this is something you would hear playing at American Apparel that is supposed to inspire you to buy a $60 toga or something.

  2. i’ve always wondered if i could rock a toga in the day to day. i don’t think so.

    i’m pretty sure a lot of people have semi-jokingly vogued to this album. is that a positive? a negative? i don’t know.

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