2008 Can Totally Suck It

ITALY-FRIAR/So yeah, 2008. Fuck 2008. Right in its ear.

Actually, outside of a brief bout of deafness, 2008 was pretty good for my ears, even if most of what I fell in love with was released in 2007 (or 1971).

May next year at least bring a swift, painless death with minimal terror; barring that, some improvements will be nice. I will hopefully be writing for another online outfit as well as keeping a semi-regular schedule here. So as we “ring in” the “new year” with “scare quotes” at the very least we can be guaranteed that awesome new sounds will be tickling our brains via a Rube Goldberg contraption of tiny hairs and bones and whatnot.

Now, I’ve never had much truck with the whole “happy new year” thing and the puking and yelling and the all woo hoo stuff. I try not to be so dour as to refer to it as “a papist conspiracy to control time” but let’s face it, that’s what it is. A dead dude in a dress from a prescientific age is ruling our lives at this very minute FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.

It’s like a planet of the apes, but the apes are all guys with a hard-on for not having hard-ons. It’s a bit like modern ‘Merica, though they’re not so big on the pomp and majestic outlay of sacral decorations and shit, but share the papal fear of cultural plasticity and transcendent sodomy. Megachurches don’t count, outside of Easter passion plays; it’s just PowerPoint with wireless mics and the same tedious use of fonts.

So looking at it from that point of view I guess the papist space-time control conspiracy isn’t so bad after all.

The new year seems to be one that will see me writing for another online outfit, and a best-of this year will follow.

To make this vaguely musical, let me apologize to Arovane. Homeslice disappeared off the face of the earth but I used to say things like “Holy crap, could Atol Scrap be more of an early Autechre rip-off?” Anyway, I bought his last album, 2004’s Lillies, on a lark and a half a while back and only recently listened to it. It’s nice. It won’t change the landscape of your life but it’s something other than a complete clone of that “mid-90s IDM sound” as the niche history books will call it so many years from now after books have been replaced with self-transforming machine elves or whatever the digital gnostics come up with when creating fucked up monkey civilization 2.0.

Oh…I’ve been listening to the second Pole album recently. It’s still great. Not so hot on the new stuff. Dubstep. Ehh. I like a lot of the Burial instrumentals but I already think white people rapping is a dodgy affair; making them British, regardless of color, is just up and slapping everyone in the face. Remember when The Streets was vaguely big among white Americans of middle-upper income? So do I.

Baffling, like this year.

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