The Angelic Process – Weighing Souls With Sand

angprocessA remarkable album and a tragic story.

Husband and wife duo make glossy drone metal where everything is buried in a steel bathtub of reverb. Husband injures his hand in such a way that playing becomes impossible, sometime after Weighing Souls with Sand was recorded, and stops the project.

In April of this year he killed himself.

Since it is impossible to reasonably segue from that kind of introduction, the overall effect of so much layering and burying is alternately fascinating and unsatisfying. There’s a flatness that only lessens when some instruments drop out and some of the textures can finally be heard. On the other hand, it absolutely shimmers in pieces like “Million Year Summer” and “We All Die Laughing” as the vocals and guitars come together in a desperate smear.

A bit like listening to the best song your neighbors have ever played from inside their basement.There are exceptions – the dirge of “Dying in A-Minor” is nearly ten minutes of relatively unprocessed and straightforward rock that only dips into the usual form mid-track. Similarities to others in the weird intersection of post-rock and post-metal and Godflesh and My Bloody Valentine and all those who spent years staring at their footware can be found; but unlike some Jesu, for example, these guys knew when to wrap things up. One of the more interesting pieces is the drums-driven instrumental “Movement – World Deafening Eclipse” which gets to the point and then gets out of town.

I’m partial to the dynamics of “Burning in the Undertow of God” myself.

The Angelic Process

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