Tim Hecker – An Imaginary Country

heckerWhile this hasn’t actually been released yet, the internet is full of things, such as these words:

I’ve never been up in Tim Hecker‘s urethra before but this particular work is hot to death. Drone upon drone upon drone, but done in short bursts. An epic drone for people who had tried drones before but just couldn’t put in the time required to get their slow lean on. Take a pattern, repeat it, shift it, and build a song from the spaces between. “Paragon Point” and its slow-motion arena rock guitar solo is my personal high point, but things bounce forward quickly enough so that each song is a bit of a larger moment.

The mood is tranquil; the water is warm; the valium was cheap. Go enjoy your bath.

I shall go to the store and buy this on March 10. As a compact disc. Or I might get it on bleep.com. Regardless, money shall be paid.

In the meantime I hope these words of praise suffice.

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