Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer

bwitchThis reissue was one of my favorites of 2008. The name of the band is kinda dumb. References to Lucifer are generally to be avoided. It’s got that dude from Sunn O))) in it, and it’s a decade old.

But damn, I love it. I love it so much. There’s this part in “Sacred Predictions” where it starts up and the dude is just plain yelling about having all of his “pills and things” and this allows him to take a jaundiced eye of everyone’s view of his business. Then it rips into a phasey 70s chorus that sounds like the end of some weird British sci-fi show. Then he’s all yelling and shrieking again. And it works.

My other hard favorite is “History of Hell (Crippled Lucifer)” because it makes the 70s Brit-sci-fi vocals go sit in a toilet stall while the shouty guy voice is having his way with…stuff.

So yeah, Crippled Lucifer – so good it doesn’t matter it sounds like everything related to the project was named by a 7th grade math class.


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4 responses to “Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer

  1. ancient_warrior

    I love this album, it clears rooms. Because it’s soooo slooooow.

    For fans of Upsidedown Cross.

  2. what’s worth picking up from UC?

  3. ancient_warrior

    Probably their self-titled, it’s the only one I’ve heard to make a recommendation.

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