I Have A Divination: The New Mastodon Sucks


Are they serious?

The song is pretty bad; it picks up on the prog landscape where Blood Mountain left off, and is not my cup of tea. But the video? Really?

Clarification: The advent of Metalocalypse changed the game. It’s not enough to be ridiculous, ambiguously.



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6 responses to “I Have A Divination: The New Mastodon Sucks

  1. simplicio

    I blame Guitar Hero.

  2. since i have no experience with gh, i’ll simply note that metal’s aesthetic pedigree is fairly dumb to begin with. a harrison bergeron device…of style.

  3. ancient_warrior

    I’m kind of a bit disappointed with Mastodon, I was kind of expecting gold lamé capes and laser but all I got was beards in jeans. How boring.

    I wonder if ambiguous ridiculousness applies to Manowar as they are the most ridiculous of metal bands and arguably more stereotypically prog of late than bands who classify their careers as progressive metal. Or do we have to draw a line in the sand like it was 1986 again.

  4. manowar is sui generis, i figure. i always assumed/hoped they were having fun.

    i mean, compared with the po faced routine of a king diamond…or most hip hop stars, for that matter…

  5. ancient_warrior

    They certainly live in their own little kingdom don’t they. Spin Gods Of War and it’s played with such staunch straight-facedness it could easily make even the hardiest fan begin to side with those that consider Manowar nothing more than a joke seeing as it’s one of those albums that can divide a fanbase in two.

    But I suppose that when you write a concept album about Odin that has roughly two tracks of narration between each rocker with a CD booklet that is written entirely in a runic language that’s a risk you have to run. I love this album, it’s the most “Manowar” album they’ve done, though I will admit that on the first listen I did pass it off as another tight loincloth moment for Joey DeMaio and co.

  6. i for one am very puzzled that a google search for “laibach and manowar” returns only two hits.

    i’m stealing “tight loincloth moment”.

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