Throbbing Gristle – The Third Mind Movements

tmmThis tour-only CD is going for 50 something bucks on ebay.

It’s more than respectable, but there are very few records worth 50 dollars. It’s a bit surprising that physical digital media would be so valued at this point, but maybe there’s something magical in the air? They played Cochella, after all, so weirdness is definitely afoot during this time of great reformations.

Perhaps it’s time to finally sell that signed copy of Dreams Less Sweet.

This version of Throbbing Gristle is obviously built on houses each member has inhabited for the past three decades. There’s certainly more than a bit of late-period Coil, particularly in the closing “Third Mind Movement” movements and the bass throb of “Not That I Am”. Not so much Psychic TV, beyond Gen’s voice, so there’s nary an ov to be found. It’s certainly within the general landscape of Chris & Cosey‘s various productions and collaborations, and shows a deep thumbprint from the various “dark ambient” strokes of Mr. Carter.

The closing movements are a blender; arab-esque arabesques, squeals, throbs, thuds, chunky piano bits, Gen moaning on in the background. Not particularly toe-tapping, but far from boring.

A sack of hope for the future.



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2 responses to “Throbbing Gristle – The Third Mind Movements

  1. i bought mine for $14 at the thbc show. a more respectable figure for what yr getting. people were going one-off batshit crazy at the merch table. fifties and hundreds flying all over the goddam joint for origamied paper containing octagonal cd’s.

    not sure these thing are any more/less valued than before. it’s the fetishy qualities / limited quantites that apply more than anything.

    bloody good album though.

  2. the soisong cd, while interesting, is a bit counterproductive, seeing as it can’t be played in computer cd drives. which may very well have been the point of the exercise, like releasing new material on minidisc or, heaven forbid, 8-track.

    i hope they release some live recordings from this last tg tour, particularly the version of discipline they played that first night in brooklyn.

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