Moving Sale: Tascam 32×8 Mixer, Waldorf MicroQ, and SKB 8U Rack Case !ALL SOLD!

mixerGoodnight, sweet prince.


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6 responses to “Moving Sale: Tascam 32×8 Mixer, Waldorf MicroQ, and SKB 8U Rack Case !ALL SOLD!

  1. BakedPenguin

    Cool, I need a new mixer to record my new project. We sound like the Decembrists, but with more angst about our failings in gym class.

  2. hey as long as i get a remix slot on the debut ep i’m ok with that.

  3. BakedPenguin

    Great, we’ll send you a copy of Lonely Kickball: The Melancholy Years. You’ll love my ocarina and lute solos.

    Also, you need to write more blog articles.

  4. well we’ve been moving to the greekiest part of queens and the landlord’s erstwhile son (i’m assuming) plays music too loudly at night. thing is, i can only hear it in the dining room (he lives in the basement) and so i’m stuck trying to unpack to the sounds of my surprisingly undamaged buddha box. (battery leaked)

    so uh i’m working on it. i really do want to sell this mixer bad while i’m at it, scale down to a simple 12×2 or something like that. a mackie i think. the first mixer i ever owned was a mackie. solid beast.

    oops, nevermind, it’s a chorus now. this is going to be a problem eventually.

    one thing that makes greek guidos so much better than any other ethnic flavor of guido is that a sizeable percentage love the shit out of hair metal.

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