Geoff White & Stewart Walker – Discord

I’ve never been super impressed by Stewart Walker‘s work. He’s been incredibly influential in a sub-sub-style of techno I have enjoyed for a long while now, but his own work is very monochromatic. As a consolation prize, however, his tracks have a unique and immediately recognizable sound .

This LP is one of those things I picked up from a used bin and promptly forgot. This collaboration with Geoff White is a pleasant, if deeply delayed, surprise. It would seem that while his palette remains somewhat limited, the dimensions of the form can be stretched out a bit. It’s still clicks n’ bass, mind, but top-fucking-notch.

Oddly enough, I readily admit the bass car is completely sensible for micro/minimal tech/house slash/slash, with it’s absurdly digital kicks and sub-sub-bass.  So any nerdy Germans who move to Queens and become guidos get a pass. You guys can bass car your little precise hearts out.

Hell, I nearly cheered last week when someone drove on by blasting “Number of the Beast”; someone obnoxiously blasting one of those Force Tracks mix cds might get my panties throw in the backseat.

Edit: found this interview on another blog. Like the format.


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2 responses to “Geoff White & Stewart Walker – Discord

  1. Emøke

    thank you for mentioning my blog! :) and thanks for liking it!

  2. no probs. you should do more of them!

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