Hold Down Record, Press Play

One thing leads to the other on the Internet; I hear a song by a band, but I can’t find their info online. It was like being back in high school, before college showed that one could often rely on rec.music.* to help out. I’m a bit baffled – after all, I heard the song online, so they must exist somewhere, right?

I’ve long mentioned to people that private spaces from regional scenes are going to see a resurgence, because one way to stand out is to be genuinely invisible from the electronic eye. Rarefied tastes are a social signifier of some serious import in certain musical taste communities. Also, most everyone just wants to yell some variation on DICKS HITLER DICKS at you online anyway, so gated communities make a lot of sense. I think they work great, and the downsides – the loss of “new blood” over time – are actually a kind of selling point. It’s a position that would be unthinkable if you travelled back to the anarcho-techno-futurist days of 1995, but here in the age of most everyone being on broadband…

Anyhoo, long story short I’m sending a letter to some P.O. box in Oregon and we’ll see what’s what.


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4 responses to “Hold Down Record, Press Play

  1. slacktron23

    As ridiculed as it is, Stoll’s Silicon Snake Oil gets it right in a similar way while discussing accessibility and the Internet.

  2. i’ve never read it. worth checking out, or as dated as the pie-in-the-sky folk from that time period?

  3. slacktron23

    I’ve only read excerpts, so I don’t think I’m qualified to say either way.

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