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It Takes a Tough Korean to Make a Tender MP3 Player


I had a Cowon F2 that I dropped a few too many times. My fault for buying something the size of a matchbook. Though I sometimes had a hard time holding it, it was also the nicest-sounding personal audio device (psst it’s the future!) I’ve ever had the pleasure of using to block out the horrors of that miserable junglist massive.  The EQ was as rich and bumpy as one can get.

And it was cheap as hell. That’s huge, right there. Cheap as hell. Huge.

I knew some folks back in the when who would give my ear a constant tug/shot to the nuts about their fine living ways. All good things must end, especially when they’re built on imaginary sand. Those people would – and did – spend a lot on a personal audio device, because those people had no fucking sense about ducats and discounts. And that’s fine for now. As we’re seeing, we need people to be driven by desire or the economy gets all kooky and people get moody and otherwise crazy.

I sought out the Cowon stuff because it was cheap and good. I dropped it a lot because the F2 was not made for human hands. Continue reading

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