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2009 Was The Sort of Year That Passed In One Month Increments

Music For Infants: My preliminary field notes indicate that babies, by and large, don’t give a shit about music. However, there are two exceptions in Vashti Bunyan and David Tibet, particularly Sleep Has His House. Weirds me the hell out, it does. Not because Sleep is a bad album, or because it is rightfully considered one of Current 93‘s finest works and this indicates supernatural prescience, but because it’s about a dead father, sung by his living son.

But it soothes the savage beast, and so I worry not.

This past year was one of preparation and rediscovery. Health and Death and yet another triumphant Boredoms experience. Throbbing Gristle, set in motion during my own infancy, played “Discipline” in an old Masonic Temple and drew a circle around what I imagined my youth to be. Will Oldham demonstrated extreme American exceptionalism while millions inexplicably mourned a dead pedophile; Antony showed an overwhelming capacity for international superstardom, hemmed in only by being a beautiful woman who doesn’t look like one. Continue reading


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Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade

blackcascadeWikipedia is a great starting point for things that don’t matter too much, but consider the following:

The band has described their sound as “purifying black metal” or “transformative black metal”, although in interviews the band has shown an unwillingness to be restricted by any musical label.[citation needed]

How many bands or artists have a willingness to be restricted by musical labels? Let’s simplify – how many people enjoy being pigeonholed? How many people enjoy having hours and days and months of work summed up in a few dismissive words?

Citation needed, indeed. Continue reading


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Wolves in the Throne Room – Diadem of 12 Stars and Two Hunters

diadem coverAs mentioned in the Om review, I can’t even really be bothered to start giving a crap about authentic musical forms. It’s far too tiring. I mean, I’ve got a 401(k) (well, 403(b) actually) and all that. I’ve got to do my taxes next week! I’ve only got room for “good” and “ungood” in my life right now. I don’t have time to worry about whose true authentic satanic black metal wodan warlord blah blah blah blah…see? I don’t even have the strength to parody this correctly.

So instead I will make everyone mad and say Wolves in the Throne Room reminds me of Explosions in the Sky if that band had balls and a more “metal” pedigree. I was surprised to like these two albums as much as I do – my initial unfavorable impressions of Sunn actually scared me off of the Southern Lord roster almost entirely, which is unfortunate.

Bigotry hurts us all. Continue reading

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