This dude’s name is EYE and he hits guitars with sticks.

Some points of reference:

– I almost didn’t go. I hate waiting in line.

– My wife said i should go. I disagreed. We argued.

– She was right. It was pretty much gold.

Thankfully she doesn’t read this stuff cause I haven’t updated in months so she won’t be able to rub it in until November or so.

Anyway people would ask me “so how was it” and man…shit. They had 77 drummers. And Boredoms. Dude hit guitars with a trident. And yelled about the sun. Pardon me, I meant “And yelled about the







This was definitely from the “junk caught in the unblinking eye of god” period of work. (see this post for an explanation of the three periods of Boredoms recordings.) They played until a little bit past 8:40 ish. It was one large piece broken into maybe three sections. It was nice to lay in the grass and listen to good music. Even Mr. ShoeHands McJackass* couldn’t distract from the goodness.

The sun set and all was right in the world.

(Photo from Mike’s flickr set of the show.

*(A dude who danced badly and put his shoes on his hands – turns out it was the same guy who kept acting like a fucking asshole while we were in line and bouncing a ball against every possible surface. I was fuckin’ totally fuckin’ shocked to find out that some fuck who was acting like a fucking total fuckface would actually act like a fucking fuckface without any real fucking break. Fuckin’ scouts’ honor.)


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  1. sqrl23

    “Thankfully she doesn’t read this stuff cause I haven’t updated in months so she won’t be able to rub it in until November or so.”

    Oh, my dear husband, wrong you are again ;) I’m just glad i got you to go.

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