cramerIf I ran a futures desk in up-and-coming brooklyn metal bands I would be heavily pushing Tombs, a local act that’s now signed to Relapse Records. New album drops in February – you can hear the single “Gossamer” on their myspace page – and I’m excited and all if only because when I saw them open for Today is the Day in Greenpoint last year I said to all who could hear “these guys should get signed to, like, Relapse or something.” What I didn’t know is that they’d already been signed by Relapse at that point so, apparently, me = psychic. It was nice to see three dudes just having a time of it type of performance and they were certainly one of the highlights of the evening.

Anyway, I ganked their self-titled EP off of Amazon. It’s not as sharp and glossy as “Gossamer” but it satisfies. Vocals are mixed down quite a bit, which seems odd in parts, but the drums have a neat, older-school sound. “Darker than Your Nights” takes a 180 degree turn onto a deserted street of post-rockitude and even that works real well. I recommend it if you like your metal a little bit odd but largely recognizable – go check out “Hallways of the Always” on the myspace page. It closes out the EP nicely and tells me now is the time to get into this market. Even that bailout-fellating piece of shit idiot Cramer can see this is a total buy.

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