Burial – Untrue

burialuntrueUntrue is a parade of simple, stilted beats and R&B vocal samples pitched about while drowning in reverb. It’s poorly mixed and almost ugly. It evokes a nearly universal reaction of what the hell from everyone.

But despite sounding like poo, it’s very engaging. The mood is, however, entirely that of feeling like the dude(s) who made it wore nothing but grey hooded sweatshirts.


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4 responses to “Burial – Untrue

  1. vinny gates

    well yeah, it’s dubstep

  2. dubstep is a genre of dismay, then?

  3. it’s a genre of chic drugs and clothes, at the very least. good record, though. plenty of atmosphere for those of us who like it layered on thick.

  4. I remember hearing the first burial record a few years ago and being yukked out by the rapping track, so i ignored him from then on, to my discredit.

    supposedly there’s a new record coming out later this year.

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